Our Services

We are constantly innovating, developing new services and projects. All of our work is designed to foster relationships, share and connect a wider network focussed on creating a better built environment. We currently offer the following services but are open to developing others specific to your organisation.

Climate Literacy is a journey, we suggest that engaging with our services in order will be most beneficial.  For more information, advice or a quote submit an enquiry.

01. Climate Awareness Report

We will develop and circulate an anonymous survey to your staff to find their awareness of climate issues and your organisation’s approach to them. Our report will draw out trends to help develop a strategy to use skills and passions latent within your organisation. As a one-off exercise this is a great starting point to see where you need to develop, as a continuing project it can track how well your organisation is progressing towards development goals.

02. Welcome to the Anthropocene Talk

In a 1 hour talk we will take a whistle-stop tour through current climate science, the built environment’s contribution to environmental degradation and ways to reduce the negative impact of our work. The climate crisis is all around us now and it will not be solved without the built environment. After this introduction you will have a better understanding of the trends, themes and language of the climate crisis and your place within it. Allow time for questions and reflection afterwards.

03. Carbon Literacy Training

Certified by the Carbon Literacy Project we deliver courses over a whole day or preferably two 3-hour sessions. On completion of the course individuals will be certified as Carbon Literate and your organisation can become a Carbon Literate Organisation demonstrating your commitment to reducing your environmental impact. Our courses are tailored to the built environment and the areas we can have the most effect.

04. Regenerative Sprint

Using design sprint techniques developed to answer critical business questions we will facilitate a workshop to advance your business offering. Working together we can design, prototype and test ideas for evolving your business. Turning your work away from extractive and destructive practices to regenerative work embracing an abundance mindset.

05. Ethical Design Consultancy

We can bring our experience and contacts to specific projects, from using natural materials, mass timber, offsite fabrication and circular economy principles to energy efficient retrofit, passive design and calculating carbon emissions. We can help coach you through the changes necessary to build our regenerative future and introduce you to those who may be able to help you on the journey.

06. Anthropocene Seminar Series

Our curated reading list and discussion points can form a facilitated or self-directed seminar series for your workplace, university or community. In the seminars you will learn about and discuss issues related to the climate and ecological emergency, build a stronger understanding of these important topics and a resilient community to share the work of solving these urgent problems.

07. The Anthropocene Library Residency

We can bring our collection of books, resources and thoughts to your campus or workplace, work, discuss and learn with us. All we ask for is a desk, space to talk and some open minds to collaborate with, who knows what we could unlock together!

08. Anthropocene Academy

In collaboration we can organise programmes to build a climate literacy toolkit. Suitable for larger organisations, groups or communities who will continue the work of sharing knowledge, developing expertise and recording progress in their work. This toolkit will empower you to spread climate literacy in your organisation and the work you do with personalised workshops, resources and development goals.